Marcus Singleton sing6112 at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 27 18:15:11 PDT 2004

Make sure that your hostname also exists within your bind configuration
and that when you run dig on it it returns valid results, if not just
set the first instance of ServerName to or localhost that
should make it quit happening. But its very important that it can
resolve the hostname... just setting servername to example.com wont

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You need a ServerName directive in your httpd.conf file.  Apache is
telling you that it cannot figure out your fully qualified hostname
which is sends to clients when you have a relative (as opposed to
link in your web page (which is most of the time).  You need to set
the ServerName to the host name that web clients of your machine can
find it by.


If your web server is known to its clients as www.example.com, then
you need to add
ServerName www.example.com to your httpd.conf file.

Hope this helps

vincent.vandaele at tele2.fr wrote:
> Hello
> I compiled Apache and I used the script in the blfs book 5.0
> But when I run LFS 
> I have
> Starting Apache daemon
> httpd:Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name,
using for server name
> Who can explain me how to resolve this problem in English easy
> Thanks
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