XFree86- and fontconfig-2.2.1: what's up?

zoltan fmzoltan at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 27 02:26:23 PDT 2004

I'm using BLFS-5.0 after LFS-5.0, and everything is going fine, except 
that fontconfig doesn't seem to install fontconfig.h in 

I'm using the dependencies as outlined in BLFS-5.0, that is, 
expat-1.95.6, freetype-2.1.5, and fontconfig-2.2.1 as seperate (more 
current) packages than what XFree86 ships with, and I also install 
libpng-1.2.5 prior to building and attempting the "make" of XFree86.  I 
even did ye ole' "ldconfig", though I'm not having any issues with the 
libpng libraries, as sometimes is the case...

My problem is with the xftint.h file, if I defined the HasFontconfig YES 
in the host.def file.  I can only think that this has something to with 
the missing fontconfig.h file, or something, but I am following the 
instructions, as best as I can tell.

I've tried searching for the solution on the archives and the website, 
but even though this problem has been mentioned, I coudln't tell what 
the solution was, as that thread got sidetracked...


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