X-6.7.0 and gnome

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Mon Apr 26 15:01:03 PDT 2004

 Just a heads-up for anybody switching to X.org - if you want to build
any gnome-2 things you'll have to switch to gnome-2.6 (specifically, the
new version of pango, which goes with gtk+-2.4), because of the freetype
upgrade to 2.1.7.  And don't bother with freetype-2.1.8 if you want to
use firefox with X.org.

 Gnome-2.6 is a bit too new (as in `probably buggy') for my taste -
libgnomeui-2.6.1 doesn't compile out of the box (comment out the line in
error, patch just submitted to patches list), yelp doesn't work (at
least in a so-called minimal install of only the things needed to build
the applications I want), and I've got problems with gnumeric again.

 Shit, if I hadn't managed to get a working gnumeric with gnome-2.4 on
ppc I'd say it was my build method.

who was stupid enough to say X-6.7.0 should just slot in.

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