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Mon Apr 26 13:15:30 PDT 2004

I wanted to compile Myqsl 4.0.17 but I had this errors:
checking "if we should use 'skip-locking' as default for linux"... "yes"
checking for ln... /bin/ln
checking for ln... /bin/ln
checking for mv... /bin/mv
checking for rm... /bin/rm
checking for cp... /bin/cp
checking for sed... /bin/sed
checking for cmp... /usr/bin/cmp
checking for chmod... /bin/chmod
checking for hostname... /bin/hostname
checking for gnutar... no
checking for gtar... no
checking for tar... tar
checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
checking for ps... /bin/ps
checking "how to check if pid exists"... configure: error: Could not find the right ps switches. Which OS is this ?. See the Installation chapter in the Reference Manual.
Someone said
Sasha Pachev said "Does your ps even work? Last time I've seen this message the problem had to do with proc not mounted."

Bu tproc is mounted 
How must I do to compile Mysql


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