Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Mon Apr 26 00:04:35 PDT 2004

Petrichev Roman wrote:

> Hi. Question for experts. Will it correct if I build new version of 
> GCC (3.4.0) in separate directory e.g. /opt/gcc-3.4.0 like Gcc 2.95.3 
> in LFS. I going to build all new software on my blfs box with it. Will 
> programs, which were build with it, work correctly?
> I have LFS-5.0 box.

It will work.  You should at least do --enable-languages=c,c++ on the 
configure, so you get the c++ compiler as well, and also make sure you 
add /opt/gcc-3.4.0/lib to your /etc/ld.so.conf so programs can find the 
new libstdc++ for gcc 3.4


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