How do I load modules at startup (modules.conf) ?

Simon Geard delgarde at
Sat Apr 24 04:12:15 PDT 2004

"Andreas Giessmann" <Andreas-Gotha at> wrote:
> How can I load modules at system startup e.g. modules for USB or
> network?
> I'm new to LFS and I have successfully build my LFS 5.1 PRE1 system.
> But I have compiled some device drivers as modules in the kernel and
> now I don't know how to load this modules. In other Linuxes there are
> a modules.conf file but I don't have one. How do I create it?

Installing hotplug is your best bet, especially if you're on a 2.6
kernel. It's intended (as the name indicates) for detecting hardware
added while the system is running (e.g cameras, mice, pcmcia cards,
etc), but provides a boot script to detect anything that was present at
boot time. I use it for pretty much everything - network, sound, usb
camera and memory stick, Palm, etc - only thing that doesn't get handled
for me is the nvidia X drivers.

The project is at - I think there's
also a hint or two on the LFS site on doing hardware detection with


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