Gnome 2.6.0 icons strike again

Larry Lawrence larry at
Wed Apr 21 05:59:32 PDT 2004

"David Barron" <dlbarron at> wrote in message
news:40858DBF.40809 at
> There's got to be a better way to fix this. After all, putting GNOME 2.4
> in /opt presented no problems and there isn't THAT much difference
> between 2.4 and 2.6. Also, ArchLinux installs gnome into /opt/gnome and
> it works fine.
> I'll keep digging.

In the Theme department, there is a significant difference.  GNOME is using
more and more programs from outside the GNOME development team.  In 2.4,
they used the GTK engines for most of the theme work, IIRC, metacity was
using the engines to fulfill theme requests.  Now it looks as if the Icons,
Themes and mime databases are handled by common engines and it's been
integrated into all the applications, not just metacity.  Could be wrong,
but that's my take on it.


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