wrong kernel modules loaded

Christian H. Kuhn official at qno.de
Mon Apr 19 14:49:24 PDT 2004

Hi Daniel,

& dixit Daniel Díaz:
> If you have some spare CPU cycles, you can
> grep -r "2.4.22" /* > ~/twentytwoers.txt
> and grab some hints from the results.

That was the hint i needed.

First, i had to change the command to avoid some dev files like
/dev/random. But with an appropriate for, it worked, and i found the
problem in /etc/modules.conf, where some paths were fixed to 2.4.22.

When i started, i had no modules.conf. But after some weeks, when i
added alsa, i thought i needed one. And following the Kernel-HOWTO, i
created one with modprobe -c. No one told me to delete those lines
modprobe or depmod take a default if they are missing, so i did not, i
even did not see the coded lines.

But obviously i'm the only one who did this wrong, so there seems to be
no need to insert a chapter about creating a modules.conf in BLFS.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

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