Gtk+2.4.0 problem

Simon Geard delgarde at
Tue Apr 20 03:25:23 PDT 2004

"David Barron" <David.Barron at> wrote:
> Configure: error: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft backend is required for x11
> target.
> It's already found pango, so I assume it's not able to find xft?  That
> doesn't seem right though because I've got
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/X11R6/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome/2.6.0/lib/pkgconf
> ig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig

Ok, this sounds a little familiar - I remember encountering this with an
earlier version of Gtk+2. If you look in /usr/lib/ (or wherever you
installed pango), you'll find a series of libraries named libpangoft2,
libpangox, libpangoxft. These are the backends it refers to, and I
assume in your case the last one is missing?

If that's the case, your problem is that Pango skipped the Xft backend
because it didn't think Xft was present. Try rebuilding Pango, and see
if anything useful comes out when you run configure - I've a hunch the
problem may be fontconfig, but I'm not certain.


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