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Mon Apr 19 18:28:08 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 08:51, Tracy Riegle wrote:
> In order then to avoid the "gotchas" should BLFS:
> 1. include a warning that things may break if installed somewhere other 
> than /usr or /usr/local.

I think that's being done currently, actually.

> 2. stear away all together from installing somewhere else.
> or

For people who just want to have their "own" distro, this would be the
solution I'd be recommending.  Deviating from the book's instructions
will always incur risk, and people shouldn't make these kinds of changes
without fully understanding the effects.  The solution of trying to lob
everything into /opt so it can be easily deleted later is kind of a
(pardon my french) half-assed approach, and will usually wind up
yeilding half-assed results.  Personally, I'd say people would be better
served by learning about how the find command can get a list of files
both newer and older than a given set of times.  It's not that hard to
figure out what files came from where if you know _when_ they were

> 3. Put more emphasis on using package management.

If the problem is that the user wants a way to quickly uninstall the
somethings they wanted to install, then yes, it's one of package
management, and the correct answer is to hack up some kind of package
manager.  (Stow, followed by Slackware's pkgtool are probably the two
easiest to use in this respect)

> Keep in mind that LFS / BLFS is targeted at those who want to learn how 
> a linux system works and not those who already know. The gotchas can be 
> very confusing and frustrating for those wanting to learn (and very 
> educational too speaking from experience.)

...and moving about half the system into a different directory hierarchy
is one heck of a bite-sized watermelon for people to try to swallow. 
The watermelon only *looks* tiny from about 100 yards away.  Once one
gets there, things get messy and painful.  Watermelon are meant to be
eaten in slices.  ;)
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