Running LFS on an nForce2 board (report)

delgarde at delgarde at
Sun Apr 18 04:53:01 PDT 2004

Referring to my earlier queries on how well nForce2-based
systems worked on LFS. I've finally got my new system up and
running (on a DFI Ultra-AL board), and thought I'd give a
quick report for the benefit of anyone interested.

Basically, everything seems to work fine, using a 2.6.5
kernel (2.6.4 also worked ok).

Audio works fine using the intel8x0 driver, though with only
headphones, I'm not testing out the full features of the
device (it has an insane number of settings in alsamixer,
compared to my old board).

Network seems to work with the reverse-engineered driver
included in the kernel tree - I don't have a serious network
to test it in, but the interface comes up and I can ping
another machine. Haven't tried the nVidia-provided driver,
since this one works well enough.

DMA support works fine, using the amd74xx driver - the
system ran pretty rough until I realised I'd left that out,
but works smoothly with it.

The kernel AGP-GART module (nvidia-agp) works fine - I'm not
running anything graphically demanding yet, but I'm running
X with the nVidia drivers, and everything seems to work
fine. Glxgears runs fine, with performance slightly better
than my old motherboard (same videocard still).

Short version is, the kernel support for the nForce2
platform seems pretty good now, without using any of the
drivers provided by nVidia. That's particularly nice, since
it means hotplug can handle most of the hardware
automatically - the only device-specific stuff left in
modprobe.conf is for the video card binary drivers.


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