Compiled KDE 3.2.1 without support for video

dienadel no at
Sat Apr 17 04:49:45 PDT 2004

Hello all,

Following the BLFS instructions, i compiled audio tools (mp3, ogg, and so
on) and then KDE-3.2.1. Now, in my KDE i've all audio support, and can play
files with noatun, or similar. If i'm not mistaken, noatun can play video
files, but, as i had no video support, the compilation of kde didn't
included it. ok.

yesterday, i compiled mplayer, and can play video files with it. But noatun
can't. So i've think to recompile kdemultimedia. But, here is what i don't

1- If i recompile kdemultimedia, will noatun have video suppport?
2- Using mplayer video codecs?

And the most important:

Is posible to have video support without compiling mplayer or xine? ok, i
think i must have the video codecs before, so i'll must install the video
utilities as said in BLFS. But, the propietary codecs?

Buff... i think i haven't made a good explanation of the problem. If
something doesn't understand, please, ask me.

Thanks all

Basically, i think, that i don't undestand whitch codecs are for the whole
system, whitch for mplayer... 

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