GLIB 1.2.10 an GLIB 2.2.1

delgarde at delgarde at
Tue Apr 13 14:23:25 PDT 2004

> Hello,
> In the BLFS Book two versions of GLIB are mentionned
> (1.2.10 and  2.2.1). If I'm installing the latest version
> (2.4.0) do I have to  install the 1.2.10 version first?

No, 1.2.10 is the older version, and is only needed if
you're installing older software that requires it. Most
newer packages will use a 2.x version of glib, and the same
applies to gtk+.

In my case, the only reason I have it installed is for the
Loki installer used by a number of games - everything else I
need uses glib/gtk 2.x


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