[OT] Old Timers Please? Vintage 1989 problem

Declan Moriarty declan.moriartyt at ntlworld.ie
Tue Apr 13 04:46:56 PDT 2004

Declan Moriarty enlightened us
> > It's running Unix, and it's running a really _old_ flavor of Unix.  If
> > you dig around in it's init scripts you will likely see sh coding so
> > primitive it will remind you of pictures of cavemen hunting deer
> > scratched onto cave walls.  1985 is a _lot_ longer ago in terms of
> > computing technology than most people realize.  In 1985 people were
> > still arguing over whether magic bytes and bangpath (#!) were the
> > correct way of making shell scripts execute.  There simply is no handy
> > interface to let you see system internals like if you had /proc around. 
> > Cross your fingers and start looking for header files relating to the
> > binaries you execute to use the testing hardware, and if you're really
> > lucky the binary might respond to -v or --verbose.  You're probably
> > going to have to flat out reverse-engineer it. 

I have a little more. It's a 19 inch rack box, and all the guy really
needs to do is get the network going. Presuming he has some luck, the
jumpers and interrupts were left to him in a working condition, and he
can just get going following the more modern-day type instructions I
have sent him. Thanks very much for the help. I will porobably be back
once he gets stuck.

He cannot get anything off the box yet except by terminal emulation on a
windoze box and screen capture he is performing. You gotta hand it to
him - he is trying. He is a windoze head and so is unaware of the
potential of piping available in unix.  This file


is a collection of directory outputs and man pages he can get from the
thing. It seems to be a pretty complete but spartan unix system, and
DEFINITELY not FHS compatible ;-)

/Has an idle read of ncheck c.txt which seems a pretty full listing

Where's /dev/eth0? What's he using there :-O? /dev/EXOS/socket0?


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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