X.org (6.7.0)

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Tue Apr 13 03:35:28 PDT 2004

Ken Moffat wrote:

> First time trying to use X11R6.7.0 parts 1 to 6, and it's segfaulting
>during the install, in
>exports/bin/mkfontscale /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1
> Among the possible lines of attack are:
>(a) it's terminally broken
>(b) it's broken on ppc
>(c) my build script is broken
Using X.org here for a couple days on my experimental build, builds 
perfectly against GCC 3.4pre, working beautifully, just the normal issue 
with the inclusion of linux/config.h.  Used the new version of 
libxklavier as suggested in another post, worked all the way thru GNOME 


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