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Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Sun Apr 11 19:46:06 PDT 2004

John Pierce wrote:
> If I am not using the right mailing list please let me know. I am trying
> to upgrade to the 2.6 kernel and I am not having any luck.
> I was able to
> compile alright however when I boot up it hangs after it accomplishes
> all the scripts in init.d. The hotplug script doesn't work because the
> /var/lock/subsys directory does not exist and when I create it it
> disappears on the next reboot (I know there is a reason for this). I did
> look at the logs but I didn't find any problems there. Lastly when it
> does hang I am still able to ctrl+alt+delete and reboot the system.
> Anybody have any ideas?

You should not attempt to install such thing as a 2.6 kernel before you 
fully understand what you are doing.

1) Why do you need hotplug at all?
2) The hotplug scripts need patching to account for LFS specifics.

First, the /var/lock/subsys directory is RedHat-specific and all code 
related to it must be removed from third-party initscripts. Second, the 
return code of the scripts is not checked in RedHat and checked in LFS. 
Since the return code of the hotplug script is just bogus, edit it so 
that it always exits with status 0.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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