input/output errors not correlated with a package

Daniel Díaz al590349 at
Sun Apr 11 10:52:35 PDT 2004

Hello there.

On Sun, 2004-04-11 at 12:34, Reinhard wrote:
> I was experimenting with Makefiles and shellscripts and get this error (not 
> related to a package):
> make: stat [some file] input/output errors
> ...
> Sometimes it seemed that after that error, the shell becomes unusable, so I 
> started a new one, but the error occurred randomly (to me).
> Now I realized, that some errors where shown at console like this:
> RPC: can't bind to reserved port (13)
> But from the rpc-prefix I guessed, that the error could be related to nfs.
> Now I changed the userid/groupid and the error did not appear again.
> - Was my guess right and the "input/output"-error comes from nfs?
> - What is that confusion about port 13?
> Any hint or background is very appreciated.

Well, yes, the error was completely NFS related and had nothing to do
with NTP. Google'ing a little gives the source code for that error:

  printk("RPC: Can't bind to reserved port (%d).\n", -err);

As you can see, the "(13)" shown was actually the error number, not the
port it was trying to bind to.

I had myself a similar problem with NFS yesterday -- when I shut down
the NFS server, make would give me a message about input/output error
(yeah, it's not a good idea to pull the plug from the NFS server while


Daniel Díaz
yosoy at

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