X is a bit slow

Christian H. Kuhn official at qno.de
Sat Apr 10 02:58:52 PDT 2004

Hi LX,

& dixit alex at 22-music.de:
> On 09.04.04 17:42 +0200, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
>> No hints? Is there a better place to ask that question?
> I suggest you post on the XFree users mailing list. 

Ok, i'll ask there.

> We try to be experts
> in all matters concerning Linux, but we can't know every bolt and nut of 
> every distribution, so the question why it's faster there could only be
> answered by examining 1. compilation issues, 2. compilation issues of
> the libraries that are used, 3. driver/configuration issues.

It always may be that i'm not the first with a certain problem. So there
were a chance that my problem was solved already by someone here. But of
course, X is a very complex system, and there are a lot of possibilities
to slow down the system without being aware of it.

When i get an answer from the XFree mailing list, i'll post it here,
perhaps someone can extract a general rule from it.

> Maybe a look at /var/log/XFree.0.log could enlighten you a bit...

No, really not. All i could find there is that my config is working
properly, without warnings, errors, complaints, ... 

Kind regards,

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