GNOME 2.6.0 problems

S. Park sf_park at
Sat Apr 10 01:06:15 PDT 2004

My system is LFS-5.0 based, its kernel is 2.6.5, and
apps are close to BLFS-5.0. I have been running GNOME
2.4.2 and tried to upgrade to 2.6.0. But when running
2.6.0, I have encountered some problems:

1. yelp can't display contents in the browser, but
opens an editor (geditor or emacs) for the content xml
2. Can't change the background because the dialog
refuses to accept the image files I select.
3. "Start Here" desktop icon seems not recognized
because xml file stuff is displayed instead of its
4. Card games can't run since they can't load card

I followed the same procedures to install GNOME 2.4.2,
and tried both to upgrade and to install (after
deleting its /usr/GNOME tree), but the same problems.

Can anybody figure out what I missed or made mistakes?


S. Park

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