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Declan Moriarty declan.moriartyt at
Fri Apr 9 01:15:14 PDT 2004

> > Hello,
> >
> > I finished with making my first LFS system and I'm now trying to
> > install a gnome desktop!
> >
>  Wrong list.  In future, ask on blfs-support.
> > I'm starting by installing some few library (like libpng or
> > libjpeg...). I read in the BLFS book that the library directory
> > should be /usr/local/lib or /opt/lib. My first library have been
> > installed in /usr/lib. Do I misundertood something?
> >
> > Seb.
> >
> >
>  To answer anyway, I think you've misunderstood what you read in the
> BLFS book.  Gnome these days is usually in /usr.  Read it again, and if
> it's still not clear please indicate the part you don't understand on
> blfs-support (and, perhaps, which version of the BLFS book).
> I misunderstood this phrase:
> As with most libraries, there is no configuration to do, save that the
> library directory i.e. /opt/lib or /usr/local/lib should appear in
> /etc/ so that ldd can find the shared libraries.
> And my library are installed in /usr/lib!

AFAIK, /lib, and /usr/lib are automatically checked where necessary by
everything. So there's no problem having libraries in those directories

As for other library directory (/opt/lib, for example) you have to make
sure it's listed in /etc/

Then you run 'ldconfig' after installing any library or playing with


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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