LFS as a Mini-Router/Firewall

Karl Wilbur karl at karlwilbur.net
Thu Apr 8 09:02:39 PDT 2004

j.feistel wrote:

> Hello,
> I plan to build a system with router and firewall functionalities but with
> less system requirements. I thought about a Compact Flash Disk as a boot
> medium and the whole system should run in a ramdisk.Nevertheless I do not
> need gcc and further more on this system. So what is the easiest way to
> reach this goal? I have a fully build LFS Ver.4.1 System which I am going to
> use as my developement platform. I am not sure which way I should use to
> build my router. I thought about building a new system including only the
> packages that are needed but also I think that I can use my developement
> platform and copy all the needed programs and tools into my router/firewall
> system.
> My question is, has anybody build such a system before and can give me a
> help. What way should i go round, building new or simple copying?
>     Jens

This has been covered before.

I would be happy to help.  I am using a LFS 4.1 for my
gateway/firewall/router/dns/dhcp box and it runs webmin for easy configuration.

This may be a little more that what you are looking for but I think that I can
help you with what you are trying to do.

-Karl Wilbur


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