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Karl Wilbur karl at
Wed Apr 7 06:38:20 PDT 2004

Dan Osterrath wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 7. April 2004 15:07 schrieb Nico R.:
>>>It is Russian. I propose to block all messages with "cp1251",
>>>"windows-1251" or "koi8-r" character encoding unconditionally. I do
>>>this because I am probably the only one from Russia who ever posts to
>>>the list, and I either use either US-ASCII or UTF-8.
>>Mmh, would probably block most support requests from our Russian users.
>>Even if you are the only one at the moment, we won't notice a newbie
>>coming here for support.
> But if he use this encoding he is writing in russian. And nobody (but 
> Alexander) could read this. So our "embedded spam filter" (aka brain) would 
> guide us to ignore or delete the message anyway.

This is true, but if we are going to block all "cp1251", "windows-1251" or
"koi8-r" character encoding then shouldn't we block all but UTF-8 or US-ASCII or
ISO-8859-1? ;-)

If we do decide to block certain character sets, there should be some kind of
notice that a user will see, very clearly, prior to mailing to any list.  In
this way they will know that they must post in an accepted character set or
their post will be filtered.  Which also means that there should be instructions
on how to determine which character set is being used and how to change the
character set should this be needed.

I know that posting in English is covered in the Netiquette, however there is no
explanation of this when attempting to sent a message to a list.  For example a
person goes to an lfs site, clicks "Mailing Lists", clicks "lfs-support", clicks
 "lfs-support at" and there was nothing that told them about
what is expected from people who use these lists.  This point is more of a
website issue than a BLFS issue or a mailing-lists issue though.

-Karl Wilbur

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