Mozilla 1.3 pdf plugin

aristides.garces aristides.garces at
Mon Apr 5 06:31:24 PDT 2004

I Know that you would probably have already solved the problem and that
I'm probably not sending the mail in the proper way, but has I had the
same problem with Opera and finally I managed to solve it, that's the
solution that worked for me.

I seems that the plugin looks for the program itself in the command line
and from wherever it's executing, so the solution it's to make sure that
you have acrobat script in your account path and all the privileges to
execute the program itself from wherever in the command line. Try it if
that's the problem, that was my solution.

Be carefull because the owner and group for the installed acrobat files
is "bin" not root so check the groups of your account.

Hope it helps to anybody that could arrive here with the same problem

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