xwindows wont start??

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Sun Apr 4 09:56:19 PDT 2004

* Steven C. <exvor at yahoo.com> [2004-04-04 17:56]:
> I was messing around with other window managers and
> did not change anything in my configuration files for
> x windows or anything else and now x windows will not
> start.  Strange thing that I'm getting here there are
> no errors and when x crashes just says terminated
> successfully.  I even pulled the log file for x
> windows and cannot find where I am getting an error. 
> All I have in there are information logs??  
> What basically happens is I do a startx command and
> then it flashes up with the standard black little x
> then it goes black again and nothing. 

Could you post your .xinitrc? Or just check that you're loading your wm
in the last line, with no &s or anything.

Miguel Bazdresch

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