Zahari Doychev doychevz at in.tum.de
Sun Apr 4 07:56:56 PDT 2004

  My purpose is to make a small file system under 16 MB (DiskOnChip) which
runs on
AP-486(586) board. So far I have compiled a LFS system using the
LFS-5.0-pre1 under Debian
distribution under VMware virtual machine. This system has got to big for my
needs. I have read
in the FAQs that from such a system I can make another one without a problem
which is under 16 MB.
But before doing this I have made a bootable CD following  the instructions
in the BLFS hints file
http://lfs.oregonstate.edu/hints/downloads/files/boot-cd_easy.txt to see if
the current system run on AP
board but it didn't. The bootable CD works fine on other machines. I am new
to the LFS so please tell
me what I have done wrong or if this is generally the right way to make a
embedded system.

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> Randy McMurchy enlightened us
> > On Monday, March 29, 2004 at 4:12 PM, Zahari Doychev wrote:
> >
> > >    yes, actually it starts decompressing linuxrc and after
> > > that it hangs up.
> >
> > Well, the only thing I can think of then is that possibly the kernel
> > is over-optimized for the 486 cpu?
> >
> > Does the machine boot successfully with other CD's?
> >
> > Can you make a boot floppy, mount the CD and move on with the
> > DiskOnChip project?
> >
> I could be underestimating your efforts, but it seems like you sailed in
> and followed instructions without a full understanding of what you were
> actually doing. I'd have expected much more detail in the question so
> that others could check your work.
> If you write: "This didn't work - Please help" you will get
> wild guesses as people don't know what you did.
> If you write "I compiled a kernel with these options(list), this
> optimization, this booting system (specify)on this (specific) pc and
> this much works(specify) but it stalls here(specify)" _THEN_ people here
> can check your work and point out the problem.
> If you followed some instructions, what instructions?
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