konqueror and java

Alessandro Orsi elcan_guru at yahoo.es
Sat Apr 3 06:37:24 PST 2004

El Sábado, 3 de Abril de 2004 16:03, Christian H. Kuhn escribió:
> Hi,
> after finally succeeding in installing java - thx to all - i tried to
> use konqueror on a page with a java applet. But i only got the messsage
> for the non-java-user.
> Therefore, i recompiled kdebase after installing java. And konqueror
> found the ns4-plugins. But no change: java applets are not executed.
> What i'm doing wrong?
> Chris

I had the same problem, if you go to the java tab of the Konqueror 
configuration dialog, you should see an entry that in english should sound 
like: shut down the applets server when inactive (or something similar, I'm 
translating from spanish, sorry...). Uncheck it and java should work.


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