ftp server

Juan Pablo Martinez Sanchez is04796 at salleURL.edu
Thu Sep 25 23:51:59 PDT 2003


I've just compiled and installed succesfully xinetd and in.telnetd daemons
on my LFS 3.1. But the problems I have with the ftp server, 've compiled
and installed proftpd and I can run it with:

/usr/sbin/proftpd -n -d 5

After that I can connect from a client as CuteFTP and login as a user of
the system (my current user account), also I can make ls and cd but when i
try to transfer files from the ftp server to the client the connection
hangs on and the transfer never finishes.
The question is if do you know about an installation guide for ftp in

Thank you.

Juan Pablo.

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