Qt 3.2.1: problems

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at newmail.ru
Wed Sep 24 06:19:00 PDT 2003

Recently I reopened the Qt bug, since KDE 3.1.4 is supposedly able to compile 
against Qt 3.2.x (at least the changelog on the site says so).

The screenshots referenced in this message were obtained from KDE 3.1.3 
compiled against Qt 3.1.2. Qt was then upgraded to 3.2.1. As you can see, 
after the upgrade the following problems appeared (sorry for Russian menus, 

1) http://semzx.newmail.ru/ksirc.png

The panel is now split into two equal parts. With Qt 3.1.2 the part with the 
text was wide and the part with nicknames was narrow.

2) http://semzx.newmail.ru/ksirc1.png

Every TrueType font now appears twice in any font selection dialog.

How should I solve the problems?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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