Radeon DRI Problems

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Mon Sep 22 20:37:09 PDT 2003

DJ Lucas wrote:

> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> (WW) RADEON(0): [agp] AGP not available
>> and
>> (II) RADEON(0): Direct rendering disabled
>> Has anyone on the list seen this problem?  Or even better, found a 
>> solution?
>> Thanks,
>>  -- Bruce
> I've never seen that one, not that I remember anyhow.  From a quick 
> glance, only a guess, you didn't compile the agp driver for your 
> chipset.  You know a lot more about X than I however, so I doubt that 
> is the case, but sometimes obvious errors help jog the memory to find 
> the bigger ones.  Does /dev/dri/card0 exist maybe???  I'm working 
> right now with a KT333 and XP 1800+ and RadeonVE (7000). 

Well, its good to ask some obvious questions, so I went a checked.  I do 
have a /dev/dri/card0 and the permissions are 0666.  I am also setting 
this up as a system coming straight from RedHat, so I used their .config 
when compiling the kernel.  They (and I) do have agpgart set as a 
module, VIA chipset support built in and ATI Rage 128 and Radeon drivers 
set as modules. 

I think everying is right, but I may have overlooked something else.

I do think I'll go back and reinstall RH and add XFree86 support to see 
if it works there.

  -- Bruce

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