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On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 11:41, A. Drosos wrote:
> Hello
> I recently upgraded to a new m/b+cpu and am the "happy" owner of several USB
> ports both the old 1.1 variety and the new 2.0. They work fine under windows
> and I can use there my USB printer and memory stick. I have been trying to
> set my LFS system (toolchain: gcc-3.3.1, binutils-2.14, glibc-2.3.2,
> kernel-2.4.22) so that they can work there as well. Here is what I did:
> 1. Compile and install kernel with settings:
>    CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS=y   % understand this is necessary to mount devices
>    CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD=m   % this is for USB 2.0
>    CONFIG_USB_UHCI_ALT=m   % this seems to be the right setting for my m/b
>    CONFIG_USB_STORAGE=m    % for my USB memory stick
>    CONFIG_USB_PRINTER=m    % for the printer

Magic hint: If you _know_ you have the right USB driver (UHCI/OHCI) just
go and build it into the kernel like you're doing USB_DEVICEFS.  This
eliminates a race condition problem autoloading of modules may otherwise
fall flat on.  Using `make menuconfig`, reading all the <Help> entries,
and being unafraid to build several extra of the various USB device
drivers as modules can help lots, too.

> 2. lspci -v | grep HCI     shows  UHCI and EHCI present, and
>    dmesg | grep usb        shows
>    usb.c: registered new driver usbdevfs
>    usb.c: registered new driver hub
> 3. I put the setting:
>    none /proc/bus/usb  usbfs  defaults  0 0
>    in my /etc/fstab file (read this in the Printing-HOWTO doc)
> 4. lsmod does not show anything (naturally since I do not have any
>    entries in the /etc/modules.conf file)

Here's what's currently in mine.  Some of these bits might be obsolete
because I opted to just plonk some of the modules directly into the
kernel, but this has worked for me for some time and solved some
issues.  If it borks up for you, I'll post the relevant kernel config

# Touching /dev/input/mice will effectively force load mousedev.
alias char-major-13     mousedev
# Support for Handspring Visor on USB.
alias char-major-188    visor
alias usb               usb-ohci
alias usbdevfs          usbcore
post-install usbcore    /sbin/mount /proc/bus/usb
# Slightly crude hack to _ensure_ the right things are around when
# something touches /dev/input/mice
pre-install mousedev    /sbin/modprobe usb hid input

> Could someone please give me some brief advise on what settings I should put
> in the /etc/modules.conf file? From my reading it also seems that I need to
> use MAKEDEV or mknode and make some dev entries (and directories) for the
> devices to "hang" from. Which ones do I need for the printer and mem stick
> and what major/minor numbers should I use? Note that I am still using the
> old dev setup (not the new devfs). 

Don't worry about that so much as installing hotplugd.  You can find it
on SourceForge, it installs easily, and it will solve 3/4 of the
problems you'll run into before you even notice them.

Oh, and HIDBP ver' bad.  Don't use it.  Check and
you'll find a full HOWTO on the mouse and keyboard stuff (keyboards
"just work" even under XFree86 once the kernel knows about them
disturbingly enough).

I'll also say that I'm currently trying a few different USB webcams. 
Don't do this.  It's very painful at the moment.

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