mkstemp (as a dependency of OO)

Tushar Teredesai linux_from_scratch at
Thu Sep 18 08:45:04 PDT 2003

Declan. Moriarty wrote:

>The Openoffice binary package calls mktemp in their script. Now the last
>thing I heard was that mktemp was bad from the security viewpoint, and
>that mkstemp should be used. Mandrake had mktemp, so I put in a symlink 
>to that and got it installed. Nobody knew ;-)
You are confusing the mktemp executable with mktemp function.

>Mandrake no longer exists on my system; neither does mktemp. Where the
>hell is it? Everyone talks about it, but I can't find the source
There used to be a FAQ entry on how to find packages/executables. Seems 
to be missing.

>BTW, don't ask me to compile it; I am compiling full time a new version
>of lfs and going down in flames on that. I had moments of real
>temptation to just buy a cdrom from slackware or debian and go away.
If you compiled LFS-CVS, the executable should be there (part of lfs-utils).

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