Matt Dee foggerty at
Tue Sep 16 15:21:35 PDT 2003

Rahul Sawarkar wrote:

>I used  the install instructions in BLFS guide to try and build the Firebird source tarball only yesterday ( on a dial-up !!), and guess what happended? I got a really clunky mozilla 1.5 debug build. Big Duh !! It is unusably slow on my fvwm and to think I was gunning for a lean mean fvwm+firebird combo ... Auuuugh!! Now I'm chasing the mozilla mailing list on this. Will update ya all when I find and try  the correct procedure. 
>Also chasing the thunderbird thingie FYI....
>If you folks have the knowhow please update me asap (request), tonights going to be my 2nd all-night stand on this ("until  I die ... tweet,mumble,.. lyrics..., mumble ...")

I'm building Firebird right now - so I cann't tell you how it runs 
(yet), but I found some instructions here that might be of use:

HTH, Matt.

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