LyX : lots of LaTeX errors

Laurent H. l.huge at
Sat Sep 13 14:23:11 PDT 2003

Csaba Henk a écrit :
> By what means did you produce the file, and by what
> means do you intend to compile it?
I open a "new file" in LyX and try :
        - either View->DVI or View->PDFLATEX ;
        - or File->Export->PDF.
If I export to TeX format, it works (I think because LyX doesn't call
TeX for this), but I can do nothing with the TeX file produced.
> b) you write a doc in WYSIWYG way in LyX
> You can import/export (La)TeX files in/from Lyx but it's by no means
> a meachanic procedure and often proves to be bogus.
If I create (with File->New in LyX) a new document, I've got those
errors when LaTeX (so TeX, since I didn't installed LaTeX at all) is
called. I don't try to iport a TeX document in LyX, I'm just create
one new.
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