Who makes my "v4l" module :-(

dienadel no at use.this.es
Thu Sep 11 00:47:21 PDT 2003

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

> You realize, of course, that with all this asking and problem solving,
> your time would be better served by simply eliminating that define from
> your host.def, and letting XFree86 build all the driver modules it wants
> to...
> This is a perfect example of why I don't believe those lines should be
> in the book.


Yes, last night i recompiled everything with all the drivers, and, yes,
now, it's all ok

But, what i like of LFS, is that i have in my PC what i need, because i
want. So, you have the whole reason, but me too.

Perhaps, in the book (or in the xawtv hint), would appear something like
this: "...choose the card you want. If you want to see TV in full
screen, add the XXX drivers too..."

That's all. thanks

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