Blfs-support Digest, Vol 40, Issue 1

thomas benjamin buckley tbbuckle at
Wed Sep 3 10:03:25 PDT 2003

> Oliver Martin wrote:
> I just grab the latest cvs tarball from, checkout
> anything that wasn't included in the tarball and build with the usual
> instruction plus export MOZILLA_PHOENIX=1. My flash plugin requires
>, so I grabbed that from another computer (actually,
> it was newer but I just renamed it) and the flash plugin worked. Since
> you have gcc-2.95.x, you should have some old version of libstdc++ that
> can be renamed (or symlinked) to work. You don't need to compile moz
> with 2.95.x.

This is exactly what I did miuns the gcc-2.95.x bit, and Flash works, but
not well.  The fonts are all garbled.  I noticed (couldn't help but
notice) the warning about ttfonts that the Flashplayer README
contains.  Is installing ttfonts just a matter of setting up fonts
according to the customizing X section of the BLFS book, or is there
something else involved?


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