gdm without pam?

Oliver Martin oliver.martin at
Wed Sep 3 08:24:52 PDT 2003

Jeremy Utley schrieb:
> Oliver Martin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> By now, I'm using kdm, but I want to get rid of it because it doesn't 
>> seem to work with xscreensaver. Looking at the gdm instructions, I see 
>> that pam is required for it. I haven't built pam so far, and from what 
>> I've read, I'd have to rebuild several packages. Is there any way to 
>> use gdm without pam?
> GDM by no means requires PAM - it will work just fine if the system is 
> using normal shadowed passwords.
> -J-
Then this should probably be changed in the book - currently (20030902) 
it says:
gdm depends on:
Linux_PAM-0.77, librsvg-2.2.5  and libgnome-2.2.3
gdm will utilize:


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