Why not /boot/lilo.onf instead of /etc/lilo.conf ?

Zoilo zoilo at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 1 06:31:16 PDT 2003

Rainer Peter Feller wrote:

>On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, Zoilo wrote:
>>I have been building my LFS here on a 80 GB HDD.
>>Every new attempt to run my own installation process is carried out in a
>>fresh 10 GB partition, while the work sofar in other partitions is left
>>untouched. So I now have 5 LFS partitions on my hard disk drive.
>>However, it ends up to become a PITA to keep /etc/lilo.conf synchronized
>>between all these partitions.
>>The only partition that is always mounted is /boot, so I was thinking to
>>put /etc/lilo.conf in /boot to fix this hassle.
>>Which made me wonder: there must be a reason why this is not done by
>>default. Or am I overlooking something?
>just the "standard" of having configfiles in /etc /usr/etc
>but putting the boot-config into the boot dir ... why not.
>'Your Distro, your rules' eh?

Of course!

But I am just curious why this is not the standard, as it seems more 
logical to me. After all, lilo keeps track of (a.o.) the various boot 
kernels and root partitions. So (if there is /boot partition), it seems 
natural to keep /lilo.conf in /boot instead of in /etc in some root 

Or am I overlooking something?

>but I would prefere at least a softlink from /boot/lilo.conf to
>/etc/lilo.conf or you have to remember to make a "lilo -C /boot/lilo.conf"
Not possible, since we don't know which root partition is (going to be) 
mounted. Depending on the mounted root partition, you would end up with 
a different lilo.conf, and if you run lilo you may not be able to boot 
into another partition anymore......


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