DHCP - Has anyone gotten it to work properly?

Seth W.Klein sk at sethwklein.net
Sat Mar 29 16:26:21 PST 2003

"DJ Lucas" <dj at lucasit.com> wrote:
> "Colin Thompson" wrote:
> > From the FAQ...
> >
> > modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-10-135
> >
> > The error is because something, most likely hwclock, is trying to use
> /dev/rtc
> > but you haven't configured kernel support for it in your kernel. Either
> > delete /dev/rtc so hwclock won't try to use it or enable RTC support in
> your
> > kernel. It's located in make menuconfig under "Character devices" ->
> > "Enhanced Real Time Clock Support".
> >
> Is that taken from the FAQ?  I've only seen it exactly the opposite.  If
> ERTCS is enabled in the kernel and the /dev/rtc file is not created.

AFAIK, that is impossible. hwclock knows only the device file name,
"/dev/rtc", and that file is the only way (short of devfs) to translate
from the name to the char-major-minor information.

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