S. Anthony Sequeira tony at
Sat Mar 29 15:38:47 PST 2003

From: "Larry Lawrence" <larry at>


> I'm afraid you lost me here.  I've never had pango not pick up xft2
> installing xfree86 > 4.2.99.


> As far as I know, you cannot build gtk-2 without pango.  The strange
> to me is that pango should build with older xfree and freetype2 (not
that you want it
> to).

(Examining dent marks in forehead after smashing it with heel of hand
whilst uttering strange cries reminiscent of 'f"%£ing idiot').

Sorry, I made a typo, while attempting to add --enable-gtk-docs to the
standard configure command.  Pardon me.

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