Quick network setup

Grant Murray email at grantmurray.com
Wed Mar 26 08:13:28 PST 2003

Declan. Moriarty wrote:
> I would like to get a simple file transfer set up between 2 boxes, both
> of which have linux but are fairly short of things like daemons.

cp -R files* /mnt/flopppy

> I have set up 2 network cards, and can ping each box. My IPs are 
> & This was all set up under tcp/ip, and xinetd 
> under mandrake 8.0 in times past, and I had telnet and ftp locally.
> Two things went wrong:
> 'ifconfig eth0 ......-pointopoint up' on one box &
> 'ifconfig eth0 ......-pointopoint up' on the other
> mebbe that should be iproute2...
> and transfer files both ways the laziest way possible. I do not want to
> set this up, because I want to set up dhcpd and a firewall here some
> time this year.
> I'll probably have to stick something on one box to listen; mebbe not -
> lfs has inetd, hasn't it? I've no ftpd tho.
> (/me checks hints before everyone flames me - AGAIN. THEN hits 'send' )

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