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> > >Björn
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> > >Don't support the war. Join the boycott of American products.
> >
> > Let's see, that means:
>No it doesn't. The purpose of a boycott is to avoid supporting the
>American economy, not to avoid anything American.

boycott: collective and organized ostracism applied in labour, economic, 
political, or social relations to protest practices that are regarded as unfair

boycott: to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (as a 
person, store, or organization) usually to express disapproval or to force 
acceptance of certain conditions

> > You can't use Windows, because Microsoft is an American company (but
> > that shouldn't affect people here, now should it?).
> > You probably can't use LFS, because some American programmer may have
> > written some code or contributed to the book.
> > You probably can't use Linux, because of those rascally American
> > programmers again.
> > You can't use the Internet, because (gasp!) it's a product of the
> > American DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Products Agency).
> > You can't use computers, because they most likely use some kind of
> > American chip (Intel, Motorola, TI, etc.).
>I already have a computer (with an AMD chip). If I have to buy a new
>computer and still am participating in the boycott, I will look for
>alternatives. An example of an alternative is the VIA C3 chip.
> > And dammit, you can't breath the air because it contains some aerosols
> > produced in the U.S.A.!
>Wow, do you really believe that the air belongs to America? Talk about
>delusions of grandeur.

Actually, I was trying to be satirical.  It never occurred to me that 
someone might think I'm serious...  Sheesh!

> > You would really have my respect if you followed through on the things
> > above (except the last, that's kind of silly).
>You will have my respect when you understand the purpose and extent of
>a boycott. :-)

Thank you for your respect then...

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if you want people to boycott American 
products (or even the people or ideas).  As an American, I strongly believe 
in your right to do so, regardless of your nationality.  And if you can 
actually get enough people together to effect a change in US policy, more 
power to you.  Americans have fought many wars to preserve that right for 
themselves and others (WW II comes to mind).

I don't completely agree with my government's actions in this matter.  I 
would have preferred that the UN had shown some backbone instead of issuing 
resolution after resolution without the threat of action.  Is Hussein a 
threat?  I believe he is, but mostly to his own people and his neighbors 
(which he has demonstrated), not to the US.

So go ahead and boycott US American products (you can always buy from 
Canada or South American countries, or do you just not like the American 
continent?), and be arrant if you can.

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