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Mon Mar 24 00:37:15 PST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 01:35:01 +0000 (UTC)
fgore at (Frank Gore) wrote:

> And spam isn't FORCING me to buy a stupid product or sign up to some
> porn site. But it's no less annoying for it.

thats different. spam is an unsolicited use of bandwidth that is NOT
generally accepted.

people seem to not (generally) mind a few bytes for a (short) .sig

if you are going to allow some .sigs you cant use the badwidth argument.
either you dont allow ANY or you allow ALL.

> This mailing list is not a forum for spreading anyone's views on war.

Nor for exchanging jokes, but it happens.

> Everytime I see that damn "boycott of American products" sig, I find
> myself inexplicably annoyed with the person using it.

You're American, arent you? Well, perhaps if you get annoyed enough you
will do something about it. (like bomb me, probably ;-)

> What if I signed
> all my emails "Join the Satanic Club of Canada, the best club on
> earth!", would that really be any different? I think not. Satan is as
> bad a topic as war.

Funny. when I read that I instantly thought of AD and D ;-)

but seriously, if you signed that, I'd ignore you. I dont generally read

Don't support the war. Join Bjorns boycott of American products.
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