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John Gay jgay at celestica.com
Sat Mar 22 12:58:03 PST 2003

>Sure I did!  Uh, as soon as this thread started :-)
>Anyway, you and Dagmar have it exactly right - I didn't fully understand
>what devfs is and what it does; I was one of those folks who thought it
>"as simple as toggling a switch in the config options".  Since my goal is
>to get a working DVD player, devfs isn't really part of that so I put it
>aside for now.  First I'm going to get X and XMMS and all that stuff in
>place so I can watch Lord Of The Rings the way it was meant to be watched
>on a Linux monitor - and then I'll take time to learn more about these
>arcane wizardly arts like devfs.
Glad to hear that this has been a valuable learning experience. I enjoy
hearing that people are learning more about how computers work by trying it

devfs certainly isn't needed for DVD playing, but it can have effects,
which I think you've found out.

For DVD playing, there are several different tools that can be used, with
mixed success.

I haven't heard much obout XMMS and DVD, so I'll leave that one out.

MPlayer can read DVD's and play them, once the de-cryption is set-up

OGLE works for me sometimes, but this is due to SCSI read errors on my
system. The only thing is you leave the DVD unmounted and just point OGLE
directly at the device file for it.

Xine also reads DVD's with limited success. The differences between these
are the support libs needed. I know they are discussed in the BLFS book
from 2002-10-27 so have a good read through and see which seems suitable to
your needs. Your best bet might be to install all of them and then see
which works best for your set-up. That's my plan.

Keep pounding away at it. You certainly have the interest and motivation to
get far with LFS. We will keep offering help and information, as long as
you show that you've at least tried to find out for youself.

>Peter B. Steiger
>Cheyenne, WY


      John Gay

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