bootup Disk Checker

P.B.Prabhuram pbprabhuram2 at
Sat Mar 22 05:29:54 PST 2003

I have a doubt regarding bootup disk checker in lfs
for the kernel.  

Because in my lfs , when i do a abrupt reboot, then
when i cant boot into my LFS at all. It shows an error

" kernel panic "

But in my host system like MDK, redhat , when i do
such a abrupt reboot, the bootup or the kernel asks
whether to check the filesyste with the following
statement ,

" Press Y , to check the filesystem..... "

Can anyone help me on this?

Also i have one more simple doubt, about how to format
a parition in linux ( maybe using mformat ),
for example if I want to format /dev/hda6 , what
command must i issue to format it ( juct like
formatting in WINdows )

Thank You,


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