/dev 'not updated'

John Gay jgay at celestica.com
Fri Mar 21 20:25:44 PST 2003

>> What /dev devices are you missing? The MAKDEV script should make all the
>> devices you need. I don't think there are any new devices in the kernel
>> yet.
I meant to say 'should' ;-)

>The MAKEDEV script does not create all the devices listed in the
>file. Far from it, in fact. None of the /dev/usb and /dev/input stuff gets
>created. None of the /dev/ataraid stuff either. And the MAKEDEV script has
>clue how to create them manually, so that's out too. I brought this up a
>couple months ago on lfs-dev, but I've been unable to edit the MAKEDEV
>and generate a patch. That MAKEDEV script is just a little too convoluted

Yes, the script is rather confusing and convoluted. I certainly don't
understand it, but I know that I've searched it several times before to
find the parameters to pass for building devices not normally built. I just
don't remember exactly where I found that and I don't have a MAKEDEV handy
to ahve a look right now.

I thought that it did have the build info, you just had to pass the right
parameters on the command line. However, you 'can' use mkdev and the info
from Devices.txt, 'if' you know enough about using it or understanding man

The original poster obviously lacks this knowledge and skill, based on his
confusion between kernel drivers and /dev files.

Fortunately someone else did post more detailed info so he should be able
to make the right /dev files for his usb mouse.

Of course this belongs on lfs-support, not blfs, but that's besides the

Thanks for your clarifications on the limitations of MAKEDEV. If you want
to see your suggested improvements in future versions, I would suggest
finding out who maintains the official version and contacting them. They
probably understand it enough to just drop these additions straight in.


      John Gay

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