ghostscript-8.00 -sDEVICE=pnggray not built

Dennis w32nospam at
Fri Mar 21 06:48:27 PST 2003

The ghostscript-8.00 section of the blfs book doesn't mention the need 
to unpack libpng, jpegsrc, and zlib sources when ghostscript is built, 
(or give a URL for more info). Of course, the issue might not arise all 
that often....

A build (of lilypond's web-doc) failed when ghostscript said "Unknown 
device: pnggray". A little checking suggests that *no* png devices will 
be built unless the libpng *sources* are available when ghostscript-8.00 
is built, (cf. 
So I tar-xvzf'd libpng (and jpegsrc and zlib) under 
/usr/src/ghostscript-8.00, renamed them as requested, and reinstalled 
ghostscript. Now lilypond builds web-doc.


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