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John Gay jgay at
Sat Mar 15 22:49:31 PST 2003

>Hello everyone. This is my first try with LFS. Everything seems to be
>going fine, except a few corrupted packages. However, here are my three
Technically, this is a question for lfs-support, but I'll forgive you ;-)

>1. I'm building LFS on a P4 1.6ghz box with 256mb ram through VMware. My
>laptop, which I'm building LFS for, is a 100mhz of 133mhz Pentium with
>16mb ram. Are the packages I'm building on my 1.6ghz box going to work
>with my laptop?
Not sure, but I don't think so. Most packages check which processor you are
building with and might invoke some optimizations accordingly. There are a
few hints about 'cross-compiling' that discuss exactly this type of
building. Have a look through the hints for more information.

>2. If they will work, how do I get them on there? My laptop has a 3.5"
>floppy and a NIC card. I can transfer files over my network. However,
>other distros either freeze at the partition check or don't support my
>NIC. I was considering building a custom boot disk with a kernel, NIC
>drivers, and a NFS client. How feasible is this?
I would suggest fetching toms boot/root disk. It has most of the tools you
will need. Not positive about the network drivers, but it 'should'have the
modules. It also has the partitioning tools and loads of other stuff to
help you get started.

>3. I want to install a few extra things -- namely joe (text editor) and
>a few games. At what step should I do this? Or should I wait until I
>have it all working before installing more stuff?
This is where this list, blfs-support comes in. Build the full LFS system.
Make sure you've got it working and booting on it's own. Then fetch/browse
the BLFS-CVS book for any other packages you are interested in. I know joe
is there. Not much in the way of games, though, unless you count the KDE
and Gnome toys. Hopefully, by the time you've got the system built and
working, you'll have enough of an idea of the process to find, fetch and
install what you need with minimum help.

>Thanks for any help you can provide,
>Matt Williams
That's what we're here for. But if you'd had a look through the site, you'd
have answered at least two of your questions. Your first one was fair
enough. I know when I see 'cross-compiling', I think of compiling for a
different arch/OS rather than different versions of the same processor
family. But then I built a M$ Windows cross-compiler on my Debian box to
test the portability of an OpenGL program I was working on.



      John Gay

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