Questions: Portability/Installing

Matt Williams fallstorm at
Sat Mar 15 22:26:08 PST 2003

Hello everyone. This is my first try with LFS. Everything seems to be 
going fine, except a few corrupted packages. However, here are my three 

1. I'm building LFS on a P4 1.6ghz box with 256mb ram through VMware. My 
laptop, which I'm building LFS for, is a 100mhz of 133mhz Pentium with 
16mb ram. Are the packages I'm building on my 1.6ghz box going to work 
with my laptop?

2. If they will work, how do I get them on there? My laptop has a 3.5" 
floppy and a NIC card. I can transfer files over my network. However, 
other distros either freeze at the partition check or don't support my 
NIC. I was considering building a custom boot disk with a kernel, NIC 
drivers, and a NFS client. How feasible is this?

3. I want to install a few extra things -- namely joe (text editor) and 
a few games. At what step should I do this? Or should I wait until I 
have it all working before installing more stuff?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Matt Williams

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