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Fri Mar 14 07:22:16 PST 2003

> Was starting to think it was broken or something.I didn't have to use
> dmesg|more because I noticed it was listed as hdd at boot and assumed
> that /dev/hdd would do it.Just added a 4 to it and mounted just
> fine.Didn't even have to specify the fs.

Yes, the Zip disks come out of the shop with 4th partition. If a disk is new
you have to use hdd4 to mount it. But nothing stops you to repartition the
disk to your liking. I repartition all my Zip disks so that I can mount them
as hdd. Just point your fdisk to it and delete the partitions. After that
when you do mkwhateverfs it will spit out some complains about using the
whole disk but you can safely ignore it.

> Thanks for all the help guys.Now gotta go check out what kind of apps
> Iomega has to play with. :)

What apps can you possibly expect from iomega to play with a disk drive?
Sorry. Wrong question. I'll try again. 
What kind of apps do you use to *PLAY* with a disk drive in general?
It's just a disk drive I mostly use it to keep data. 
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