Anybody successfully installed lm_sensors?

Matt Rogers matt at
Thu Mar 13 21:44:38 PST 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 11:19 pm, you wrote:
> Alas! Matt Rogers spake thus:
> > I've attached a patch that disables the building of the amd-8111 (let's
> > hope you don't need the driver). It needs to be applied from the
> > kernel/busses directory of the lm_sensors source tree.
> Ok, I followed your lead of commenting out stuff from the
> file. I ended up commenting out a *bunch* of stuff (I've attached a
> patch outlining these changes...).
> After all that, I'm get another wonky error that's really long (and
> attached).
> What the hell is going on?! *sigh*

ok, wow, those errors shouldn't be happening. *really big sigh*
Do you have your glibc headers and stuff in /usr/local/include or are they 
really in /usr/include and the lm_sensors makefile can't find them correctly?

In your sensors.patch:


should be changed to


The comment in the makefile says to point to the directory above the one with 
the kernel headers, so /usr/include is what it really should be.

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